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Shandong is one of the birthplaces of the ancient Chinese culture. The Yiyuan ape-man fossil proves there were human beings in the area some 400,000-500,000 years ago. The Beixin Culture, Dawenkou Culture and Longshan Culture found in the province prove that between 7,000 to 4,000 years ago, the Dongyi people had changed from a matrilineal to a patrilineal society and even to a class society. Some other historical finds in Shandong include Dawenkou and Longshan pottery characters, the earliest Chinese characters discovered in China, Chengziya Longshan Ancient Town, one of the earliest cities in China, the old Great Wall of the Qi State, the earliest defense works in China, the tombs of Han Dynasty Kings at Luozhuang, one of China`s 10 Most Remarkable Archaeological Discoveries in 2000. Besides, Shandong is one of the birthplaces of ceramics and silks.

Shandong Patter: a kind of rap art with rhyming and reciting style, it is also called “bamboo patter” or “clownery patter”. It originated in the late Qing Dynasty (1616 -1911 AD.), under the reign of Emperor Daoguang and Emperor Xianfeng. At first, it was popular in the country area, and it was introduced to Jinan in the 1930s. Shandong Patter combines singing and speaking, superior in narrating, and its singing is quite flexible; its style is rough and brief, naivete and humorous; it is enrooted in the folk, and has many talented actors; now its influence has spread all over the world.

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