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Heze Martial Arts Center Heze holds China Forestry Products Fair 2009
About Heze

Heze (Chinese: 菏泽; Pinyin: Hézé) is a prefecture-level city in southwestern Shandong province, People's Republic of China. The westernmost prefecture-level city in Shandong, it borders Jining to the east and the provinces of Henan and Anhui to the west and south respectively.


The prefecture-level city of Heze administers 9 county-level divisions, including 1 district and 8 counties.

These are further divided into 158 township-level divisions.


Heze is the largest center in China for the cultivation of the "national flower" peony, after which the Mudan District was named. Over 30% of its national income comes from the sale of peony. According to the government's materials in 1995,there is about 800,000 people living in this areas.

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Government website of Heze (in Simplified Chinese)
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Hézé Shì
Heze is highlighted on this map
Administration Type Prefecture-level city
City Seat Mudan District
(35°14′N, 115°26′E)
Area 12,238.6 km2
Population 8.81 million
- Total
- Per Capita
24.984 billion
Major Nationalities Han
County-level divisions 9
Township-level divisions 158
CPC Committee Secretary
Mayor Du Changwen (杜昌文)
Area code 530
Postal Code 274000
(Mudan District)
274100-274700, 274900
(Other areas)
License Plate Prefix 鲁R
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